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The partners in love totally free dating personals network is a non-profit dating concept giving singles an outlet to post personal ads, search profiles for singles in thier local community, and send unlimited messages to whomever they wish for no cost, ever! Singles

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Free contact  personals? You bet! We welcome you to the largest totally free of charge dating network in the world! We are now proud to be part of the partners in love completely free personals network because single men and women should have a choice when dating online.

Many online singles don't want to pay to send messages to profiles they might consider interesting, and we certainly can relate to that. When complete, the first phase of the network will consist of over 100 romance, love and dating related websites with intertwined dating portals (like below) effectively linking all 100% free dating web sites together. These personals will then be spidered by the new love romance search engine allowing singles to search for potential mates in their local towns, cities, counties, states and countries. And yes, when/if you find someone you'd like to contact in your area, it will ALWAYS be FREE to send as many messages as you wish with no restrictions!

Within these web personals Internet portals, you can post ads with linked pictures, view personals by gender, search for local singles in your city or town, and CONTACT as many profiles as you desire. This is basically a way of giving back to the singles community that frequent our network of dating sites.

The philosophy is very simple. We help promote and maintain the below listed totally free contact dating sites, and the large dating site sponsors cover the costs. All we ask of you is to consider placing a "Free" profile on all, or as many of the sponsors that you can. You don't pay anything, just simply place your ads through our site. The more traffic we send them, the more we can charge for subsidized advertising, allowing us more options for promoting the totally free network.

We think it's a perfect concept because EVERYBODY wins! Not only will you get exposure on the largest dating services in the world, you'll always have our totally free contact personals to check back with as the network grows. And you'll NEVER be charged a dime!

So Get Started! Read our dating tips and advice pages, review the Web's largest dating sites, place your personal ads, and being single will be a thing of the past. We hope to have our search engine optimized and all sites linked by mid- may 2004. Then we're doing something 'really' amazing.

Relax, Have Fun, Enjoy, Cheers!

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Millions of Internet Personals with State of the Art Matchmaking Technology

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Why hassle with promoting Free Personals? There must be a catch, you say?

Nope, no catch. I found love on the Internet, and your can too. This dating network is more an experiment on web trends, and the online dating scene has become quite the phenonema. We're actually the owner of one of the largest video game developers in California. If you have kids, chances are they've played one of our games. Perhaps you didn't know, but the gaming market makes more money the Hollywood. So we're not about making money We got plenty. We feel the World Wide Web should remain as free an unfettered as possible, so we've created this free dating network to give surfers an outlet to find love or companionship, without having to pay a penny. Don't get us wrong, we're not paying for this out of our pocket, the idea is to have the large dating services cover the cost by charging them subsidized advertising on top of thier affiliate programs. With our almost 200 web domains, we send them enough traffic to do exactly that. They always try and outbid one another to be on top of our networks, greedy bastids! :-) So when our sites are fully optimized, and promoting this these free personals, it will be the largest completely free network on the web that will never require any type of sign-up or registration to access. Always free, all the time. So help us out an place a free profile on as many as the big sponsor sites as you can, and hey, if you're creative, you might even get more replies then you'd ever imagine! Be sure to read our dating tips. Enjoy, and spread the word!

Now, if you place a "creative" free personal ad profile with ALL the sites we have listed, and post a couple pics, you're get responses from all the planet! I don't care what you look like, what your age is, how educated you are, or where you're from. If you place photo ads with all these sites, your dream come true might just be an email click away. It happend for me, it will happen for you! You might wish to check out our Advice for Dating Online page for some helpful tips in creating and placing your personal ads. Also, we have a list of totally free personals dating sites that never charge for any services. Not exactly "state of the art" but they are completely free of charges, and you can send unlimited messages without even having to join.

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Largest singles dating service offering free personal ads on the Web

Find love, kisses, romance or perhaps just friendship with our totally free photo personals and leading online dating agencies. This personals network ensures that the best internet dating services are merely a click away and you could be on a date or hearing “I want you” sooner than you think. Finding someone perfect to spend your time with can be difficult if not near impossible. Dating online will take the hassle and stress out of this, you can find out about you potential partner before you go on the all important first date. If you are waiting to meet someone special, then why not look at our vast range of links.

We provide links to sites which specialize in gay dating, Christian dating, seniors personals, kinky alternatives, interracial dating online, whatever takes your fancy! Bringing you free dating links are from the most up to date adult personal dating sites, this directory offers personal contact agencies for you to browse at your leisure, and provides all of this along with the convenience of the internet.

Surprisingly enough, a good match is more science than art. most our sites utilizes a precise matching technology combining the best matchmaking research with detailed profiling. They screen thousands of profiles to bring you only the ones that have the potential to be truly right for you. These large dating services will match you with people who are compatible not just on the surface, but also in the deep and important ways that truly matter in a relationship, and all for the price of a couple drinks. The focus is on matchmaking, in the best sense of the word. The sign-up takes a little longer on some site then others, but take the time and do it right because the aim is to go beyond superficial likes and dislikes and to match significant personal traits and values. Most match sites are not about dating. Their goal is to help you find your mate. The only thing harder than finding someone who interests you is breaking the ice. Getting to know someone deeply is tough, especially on your own. But what if you had some help, from an expert? Someone who helps you ask the right questions? That’s exactly what dating services do. You'll get to know people faster, better, and more easily than ever before. ThirdAge - Serving the needs of first-wave baby boomers - midlife adults in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Dedicated solely to connecting, what some may call, middle age women and men, more deeply with one another - whether for romance, dating, friendship, companionship or other social activities. ThirdAge believes it's the connections we make with others and the relationships we foster that truly enrich our lives.

Online safety and common sense There are a few things you want to avoid when meeting people on dating services: spam, viruses, and con men type liars. The junk email and the liars tend to go hand-in-hand. And after a short period, it's pretty easy to spot the liars. Here's an example ..You'll see a personal ad. The woman is gorgeous. In her ad, she says she's new in town and looking for a casual fling. This already sounds shady, but it gets even better. She also states that she has no preference on a guy's age, height, looks, or income. How often does a gorgeous woman seek a guy with any income, any height, any nationality, any distance away from her, and aged 21-99? Hmm ... never. What's the story? The story is, it's a scam. This is a person trying to collect email addresses so they can bombard you with email advertisements. This type of thing happens all the time. I've even seen identical personal ads on dating services where the only thing that changed was the headline and the picture. How do you avoid this? Follow the simple rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. As far as protecting your PC from viruses, it's a good idea to have a firewall (something that protects your ports) and an anti-virus program. And both should be updated regularly. I can throw out the big names like Norton. But being a big name doesn't necessarily mean the product is the best, it often means it's simply the most expensive. Rather than blindly throw out names, I deeply investigated anti-virus and firewall software. And I was not surprised to find that the top recommended software was not Norton or McAfee. As usual, being the big name does not mean being the best. So what was the best anti-virus software?

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